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Videora iPhone 3GS Converter 6.0

Videora iPhone 3GS Converter is a free video converter
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Videora iPhone 3GS Converter is a free video converter. It allows you to convert video files into H.264 and MPEG-4 files that are playable natively on the iPhone 3GS. It should be noted that Videora released similar apps for the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 4, but they all really do the same. The files that you convert using this tool will play on pretty much any iOS device and other playback devices as well.

Videora iPhone 3GS Converter uses an HTML-based user interface. It has lots of on-screen help to guide you through the process. The application uses two modes for conversion. The normal mode is a sort of wizard-based approach. It consists of three simple steps and it is easy enough for anyone to use. The expert mode gives you more freedom to change the conversion and quality settings.

I noticed that an error popped-up on my first attempt to convert a file. This was caused because the application wanted to save a file in a folder that didn't exist. Changing the output path solved the problem.

In my testing, I used an MKV file and converted it using the normal mode, without changing any settings. The file played well on VLC and I didn't see any problems with video or audio.

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